Richard II


Repackaging for the Pelican Shakespeare series, the authoritative resource since 1956, coinciding with the Bard’s 400th death anniversary this year. A total of 40 books, the series is ongoing and art directed by Paul Buckley. We used a modern linear and geometric style to approach these classics in a contemporary manner, categorized as Tragedies (black,) Comedies (light blue) and Histories (maroon.) The series won a Gold Medal at the SOI Annual Exhibition (Book category.)  Thanks to Paul Buckley and Elda Rotor for taking a chance on me. 

England is metaphorized as Eden (garden,) with the King being the gardener. This garden is decaying under the poor leadership of Richard (orange) who is more of a poet (quill and ink) than king. There is hope for improvement (flourishing in pink) as the crown changes hands. Rebels set fire to towns, as shown on the back cover. The spine shows a lamp extinguished by old age (John Gaunt.) 

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Client: Penguin Random House

Art Direction: Paul Buckley

Publisher: Elda Rotor

Thanks: Jay Luu, Brianna S Harden, Emma Mohney, and Judy Ng

Special thanks: Jessica Hische